This page contains various video links worth viewing. Some are associated with the car club(club vids done by Cecil Hall), some are videos the discerning and dedicated gearhead will appreciate. Scroll down to see all video's posted.


Here's a 2015 show video that is basically the West Plains 2015 show in roughly a minute and a half.
 Posted by Southern Missouri Racing.

This video talks about the club and its many members. Part 1 of 3.                          Posted by Cecil Hall                

Posted by Cecil Hall
Club Video Part 2.
Club Video Part 3.
West Plains Car Club Super Cruise -In October 19, 2013 demonstrates how to detail an old, tired paint jobon a Buick Centurion droptop. Amusing video.
Seven supercars you never knew existed.
Ever contemplate buying a Pacer?
This vintage racing video might make you cringe.
1955 Chevrolet Division documentary. Promotes America when America was great
Some vintage 60's drag racing
Pontiacs for 1964
Fisher body builds for GM
1959 Chevy Bel Air versus 2009 Malibu. Crash Test 
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West Plains Car Club
Cruising the Ozark Hills and Beyond for Over 25 Years
Anyone remember this 1964 Falcon Ad?
The Mercury Cougar.
When was the last time you saw a Sunbeam Tiger in person?
"So Does an Automobile" Betty Boop cartoon, circa 1939